S3Media Stream (regular) license plans

S3Media Stream Regular is discontinued since the beginning of March 2016.  The reason is that the Enterprise version is more enhanced and doesn't require a JW player license anymore for commercial sites. Also, the Pro features of JW Player 6 and 7 which where only availalbe with a license are now included for free. the free version.

However, existing customers can keep using their S3Media Stream regular plugin and renew their support subscription via the Membership area if they need renewed support.
JW Player and WP 21 Century (this is us), guarantee support for the foreseeable future. However, it is recommended to migrate to S3Media Stream Enterprise at some point because JW Player 5.10 is no longer updated whereas JW Player 7 and higher are improved on a regular basis, especially concerning HTML5. Please note that shortcode of this version is incompatible with the Enterprise version which is rewritten from scratch, introducing a wizard directly in the posts and pages with a more user friendly shortcode.

S3Media Stream™ Regular itself is licensed according to the GNU/GPL agreement. You can use this extension on any of your own commercial sites, but you have to check with Longtail Video to see if your Longtail video license covers the amount of sites you use it on. You are solely responsible for complying with their license policy.

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