HLS adaptive streaming setup service

Here we offer an inexpensive service for enterprises and organizations who would like to publish  HLS adaptive streaming videos on their WordPress or Joomla site.

The advantage of HLS adaptive streaming is that while a video plays, the player automatically serves the best bitrate version according to the internet connection speed. It works like this: When the connection is unstable (without dropping completely), the player serves a resolution version that best corresponds to the bandwidth of the visitor. The player "adapts" each time there is a difference in bandwidth and as such guarantees that the video plays smoothly, without  hiccups.
HLS adaptive streaming can also circumvent corporate firewalls as opposed to RTMP streaming.
Since JW Player version 7, modern versions of Android tablets/mobiles are supported as well, which was a problem in older versions.

We do all the heavy lifting for you, making sure that your HLS adaptive streaming videos are properly configured and play on most devices.

In order to play an HLS adaptive streaming video, we have to break the video into segments in various bitrates so that visitors have a smooth playback experience.  Then we need to generate m3u8 playlists to serve the video on your site.

What do you get?

We configure your Amazon Web Services account for HLS adaptive streaming, including:

  1. Creation of a web distribution.
  2. Setting up CORS headers in the bucket and the web distribution for HTML5 compatibility.
  3. Set up of Elastic Transcoder with up to 5 bitrates, so that your uploaded videos are converted to the correct format.
  4. We convert up to 10 videos to HLS adaptive streaming.
  5. We publish the video's for you.

We publish the videos on your WordPress/Joomla site via our S3Media Stream Enterprise plugin (license included in the pricing).

Are the videos protected?

Yes and no. All files can be set to private and we use a signed URL for the playlist file (m3u8 manifest) but we have to use a workaround to access the video segments by tweaking the web distribution in such a way that it is partly public accessible to the website that calls them. It is not possible to create signed URLs for each video segments, for example.
It is certainly not possible to mis-use a link to your video or audio on other sites, e-mail or social media.
HLS adaptive streaming videos are broken up in junks of 10 seconds, which offers some protection as it is quite some work to download all segments one by one, but there are download apps that can download almost anything.  As we always say, there is no bulletproof protection but we can make it difficult.

Finally, you will a receive a step by step tutorial in PDF format as a reminder how to repeat the process for the next videos.
We can also discuss a maintenance contract if you like, so that you don't need to worry about the technical details at all.

What do you need?

There are a couple of things you need to prepare upfront:

  1. Create a Amazon Web Services account (AWS)
  2. Get JWPlayer 8 (Starter license)
  3. Up to 10 ready made master video's in MP4 format.
  4. A WordPress or Joomla web site

NOTE: This service works only in conjunction with AWS and JW Player. AWS is the most convenient and cheapest "cloud" streaming option around.  JW Player is the industry standard video player which is the most advanced you can find. HLS Live streaming is NOT included in this package.

HLS adaptive streaming setup service: €462 Euro 

For European customers, this service is normally only available to businesses with a VAT number. Therefore, pricing is Exclusive VAT (Exception: for Belgium 21% will be added during checkout).
If you are a resident of Europe without a valid VAT number, please contact us here.

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