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S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise with JW Player 7

S3Media Stream Enterprise version 7.12.8 is out now

A new version of S3Media Stream Enterprise is out now, shipping with JW Player 7.12.8. We addressed an issue with subtitle behavior, namely: when you want to show subtitles automatically (capstate=”yes”). This no longer works in the last… Read More

Google Chrome deprecates Flash in July 2017

Google Chrome plans to deprecate Flash from July 2017 onward. Which effect has this on RTMP streaming? Is there an alternative?

360 VR video support added

We are happy to announce that we just tested  S3Media Stream 7.9.3 Enterprise beta, shipping with JW Player 7.9.3 which features 360 VR video! This may open a wide variety of options for 3D artists and owners of 3D… Read More

S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise with JW Player 7

S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise with JW Player 7

We are happy to announce that we just launched S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise shipping with JW Player 7.1.0 S3Media Stream 6 Enterprise with JW Player 6 remains available for existing customers. New customers best download version 7 because JW Player… Read More

JW Player 7 versus JW Player 6

JW Player 7 works with S3Media Stream Enterprise but we noticed a few changes which we list below, but first: what is the difference between JW Player 6 and JW Player 7 with respect to S3Media Stream Enterprise. Updated 20 October 2015… Read More

Know compatibility issues

Swell lite Theme The Swell lite theme interferes with all versions of S3Media Stream. It set a video wrapper that messes up the player div. In order to prevent this from happening, open single.php located in wp-content/themes/swell-lite and place… Read More

New plugin: S3Media Stream Enterprise with JWplayer 6

We created alongside S3Media Stream(which works with JWplayer 5.10) a new package called S3Media Stream Enterprise, shipping with JWplayer 6.10. The main advantages of this plugin are: 1. Responsive video-audio player 2. Multilingual subtitles 3. Sharing button 4…. Read More

New update: S3Media Stream version 5.8.1

A couple of bugs have been addressed in the default options related to WordPress 3.9.1. We also introduced a css class for download links and we resolved a compatibility issue with OptimizePress, which consisted of blocking editing in… Read More

New: Video tutorials for the AWS console

Since many S3Media Stream users are on Mac these days, CloudBerry S3 Explorer is not really an option since it is Windows based. Therefore, we created 3 new video tutorials to setup the AWS account from scratch. The… Read More

S3Media Stream 5.7

S3Media Stream 5.7 (May 2014) has a simplified way to incorporate the private key file. There is no longer the need to upload the .pem file in a protected area on the site. This version has been tested… Read More

Important news regarding JW Player

As from Friday 9 November 2012, the pricing and license plans of JW Player 6.0 will change. There are only two license types left: 1 site License JW Player Pro: $99 10 site license JW Player Premium: $249… Read More

HTML5 compatibility with S3Media Stream

We just finished the HTML5 compatible version of S3Media Stream™ so that iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices can play videos and audio via our plugin.

Screen capture prevention via dynamic watermark

There is little you can do to prevent screen capturing of online videos since the video player has no control over the user’s actions on his/her computer. But there is some good news: Since S3Media Stream version 5.9… Read More