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Footprint Add-onsGreat you want to know more about who is behind WP 21 Century, which is a department of Footprint Add-ons.
I’m Rudolf Boogerman, born in London and moved to Belgium(Europe) in 2007.  I worked many years a visual communication professional with an international client base since 1990. I started a new company Footprint Communication in January 2012, basically offering the same services as Raboo Design (the old company), except that the focus is much more on web development and plugins/extensions for WordPress/Joomla related to video and audio, whereas Raboo Design also provided illustrative work, screen savers, multimedia presentations, etc...

As a visual artist, I have always been interested in video on the web and making things alive by any means, including the poetry of code. Is it not wonderful to type some commands and getting something to lead its own life? So, the step to develop an advanced video plugin came natural to me.  I've got help of course, after all, I'm at best a good amateur in programming.

Laurent Peter, who is a programming wizard and server master, helped me with the difficult coding parts and I have to say, without his help, S3Media Stream- and LinkSafe Lite would simply not exist.

About S3Media Stream
The first plugin was quite primitive. It all began with a custom extension for the Province of Antwerp (Belgium) to implement subtitles on videos in 2009. From then on, I added S3 Amazon support and a little later, streaming video with CloudFront.

S3Media Stream with JW Player, since 2009.

If you want to know more about my artwork, visit www.raboo.info
Below, you find some testimonials.

Selected client comments on S3Media products:

"I've been searching for a long time for a solution that will allow me to stream videos with Amazon cloud by using Joomla CMS.
Integrating such a solution requires deep understanding of security settings and is not as staright-forward as a simple embedding."

"Luckily, I found Joomla21Century and developer Rudolf who gave me a step by step guidance, including intervention on my own server. I was never alone in the process. Quick and detailed responses, diving into the smallest details are the main advantage of Rudolf, along with a great, reliable component which I highly recommend."

Yoram Schaffer

"I can only say that in the middle of tens of thousands of software developers selling their wares on the web, it's very refreshing to come across the team at Joomla 21 Century. Their products under the S3Media banner are very versatile and professionally packaged components for integrating S3 based media into your site.
I have been in the media industry for over thirty years and have worked with hundreds of different companies... but the service I have received from these guys is absolutely excellent!

Peter Claridge www.peter-claridge.com

"There are a handful of extensions in the Joomla universe that dramatically increase the power and possibilities of this tremendous CMS.
S3Media Pro is one of those extensions. An incredible tool with equally incredible support.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
University of Toronto
Director, UKidney.com

"Once you get the hang of it, this plugin is just awesome. And I really love the suggestions in the articles.
What an idea to use watermarks for affiliate products!

Ruud Van Dyck
Executive producer, London

Some testimonials for Raboo Design:

"I've worked with Rudolf and Raboo Design now for over a year, and I must say I have never had better service.  They are very responsive when I need help with my web sites.  In fact, Rudolf has now designed 5 web sites, logos and cards for me and it is always done well and in a timely fashion.  Not only is he an excellent designer, but he has been delightful to work with... much easier than the technical web site designers I've experienced in the past.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"

Roxanne Batson, Chairman WSN TV 75
Marketing & Multimedia company, USA

"We've worked with Rudolf and Raboo Design for more then 5 years, which demonstrates our appreciation of his services.
Raboo offers complete, creative, timely and hassle-free solutions for our and our clients' communication needs. He is not only technically skilled, but also offers that little extra that only experienced designers can offer.

Piet Van de Steen, CEO Thoth-international
Advertising agency, Belgium

"The collaboration with Rudolf was -and still is-  a great experience.   Nice guy, great work."

Swa Wilmots, Art director
Advertising agency MwTaboo & MW kidsvertising - The Young Ones

"Thanks to the web site Rudolf created for me, I have made important contacts with galleries and organizers of art events, in Germany and Italy, I otherwise would have missed out on.   He feels exactly how to create the right atmosphere as the perfect background for my artwork."

Inge De Belder, Belgian Artist