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The end of an era

We are sorry to announce that Footprint Communication, author of S3Media Stream and Footprint Player, has to close down because of economic difficulties. As such, the development of S3Media Stream will come to an end. We realize this may come as a shock because undoubtedly you invested a lot of time getting to know how the plugin works, embedding short code, etc. but we really have no choice.
Therefore, we try to give you as much time as possible to find another solution.
For more information and continued support, go to https://wp21century.footprintaddons.com/ because this site will close down on 19 February 2020 and automatically redirect to https://wp21century.footprintaddons.com/

S3Media Stream™, S3Media Stream™ Enterprise, S3Media LinkSafe™ are trademarks of Rudolf Boogerman, the author of the software.