S3Media Stream™ regular – WordPress Plugin for Streaming Video & Audio


Struggling with your videos and audios on WordPress? No clue how to protect your online media and monetize it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since JW Player has made the Pro features free in JW Player 7 since January 2016, there is actually no reason to buy this plugin with version 5.10 anymore. On top of that, with the rapid evolution of HTML5, this version is no longer recommended, therefore we have phased it out because RTMP streaming will be deprecated and replaced by HLS adaptive streaming. See this article: http://www.miracletutorials.com/flash-support-in-google-chrome-under-fire/
Please consider S3Media Stream™ Enterprise instead!

We will maintain the S3Media Stream™ regular version for existing customers, but we stopped selling it because the new JW player improves regularly, while version 5.10 is no longer updated.

(Product information has been removed.)

History and stability

Version 5.9 -phased out.

  1. Added dynamic watermark with username and IP address to prevent screen capturing in membership systems. Tested on WordPress 4.1

Version 5.8

  1. Resolved conflict with OptimizePress using the preview
  2. Resolved 6 bugs in default settings on WordPress 3.9.1
  3. Added the class s3download to style download links with CSS

Version 5.7

  1. Removed the need for placing the private keyfile for CloudFront on the server. In place of linking to the private keyfile, insert the full content of that file within the Private keyfile field, comments included.

Version 5.6.6

  1. Enhanced HTML5 for skins.
  2. Resolved conflict with WP e-Commerce S3 Importer plugin
  3. Ships with JW player 5.10 where more then 10 issues were resolved, primarily related to HTML5

Version 5.6.5

  1. Added extra default options: Logo, Dock buttons Poster Image.
  2. Improved default settings in a way that  those settings are only used if no values are filled in the wizards. In previous versions, default settings were filled in the wizards, adding them into the shortcode each time. Now, those values are only used if no value is filled in.  This gives better control over site wide default settings.
  3. Added 12 html5 compatible skins. Old skins are removed, like Silvery, Pearlized, Magma and Blue metal.
  4. Resolved conflict with Cu3 plugin.

Version 5.6.4

  1. Resolved issue with encrypted URLs not being detected as external links, causing poster images and caption files not to show up.
  2. Removed version 5.5.2 permanently.

Version 5.6.3

  1. Support for video displayed bigger then 1000 pixels.  The previous version made 1000 into 1,000 and as a result, it was seen as 1 instead.
  2. Some servers had problems displaying the Preview and Get the Code and a blank page showed up. We found a general solution for this.

Version 5.6.2

  1. Repaired various minor bugs.
  2. Added Default settings in the Options section.

Version 5.6

  1. Removed Video gallery, as it gave many problems with other plugins and it does not work with WordPress 3.2 or higher.
  2. Added HTML5 support.

Version 5.5.x

  1. Introduction Video gallery
  2. Removal of various small bugs.
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