AWS intervention request S3Media Stream

In order to setup/tweak your S3 buckets, we need the Keys of your S3 account.  this is not the login and password of your S3 Amazon subscription.  We need the keys you can find in the AWS account area.  In the How to get the keys tab, you find videos below explaining how to get them.

In Request intervention, you find a form to fill in to provide us with the those keys.

There are two videos: How to get the Access keys & How to signup for CloudFront and get those keys (although we do not need the CloudFront keys to help you out):

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Send the keys

By sending the keys using this form, you acknowledge that we do not accept responsibility if something goes wrong on your account. For security reasons, we advice you to change the Keys afterward.

Note that only valid license holders of S3Media Stream get this service for free as it is included in the Premium support package.
Users of the free plugins, like S3Media LinkSafe Lite, will be charged 25 euros via a PayPal invoice. In that case go to the AWS intervention request S3Media LinkSafe Lite.
Below is the form for S3Media Stream customers:

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