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S3Media Stream licenses start from $89. This comes with a full year of Premium Support.
For all License Plans: Operation will be explained in the Manuals in the registered support section. You will get the chance to create a login for the Support Area after the payment is processed. You are also entitled to comment on products and articles. Licenses are non-transferable to third parties and become invalid when you become insolvent. See also General sales conditions.

BEFORE YOU BUY: Note that after you made your payment, you are redirected to the page that asks you to register.  This may take up to several minutes depending on the connection speed. Please be patient and wait until that page is displayed. If nothing happens at all or you get an error message, contact us and we will help you out.

S3Media Stream™  $89.00 USD *

You have already a commercial LongTailVideo License for JW Player?
Then S3Media Stream is for you.
S3Media Stream itself is licensed according to the GNU/GPL agreement. You can use this extension on any of your own commercial sites, but you have to check with Longtail Video to see if your Longtail video license covers the amount of sites you use it on. You are solely responsible for complying with their license policy.

S3Media Stream™ – 2 in 1 License  $207.00  $169.00 USD *

You do not have a commercial JW Player license? Then the S3Media Stream – 2 in 1 license is for you. It includes a full commercial license of JW Player , which not only entitles you to support here, but also on the LongTail Video site.
S3Media Stream 2 in 1 License is licensed according to the GNU/GPL agreement. Regarding JW Player, you can obtain a license for either 1 or 10 commercial sites you own:


By clicking the Buy A License button, you automatically agree with the General sales conditions and the License agreements.

(*) All Pricing is Exclusive 21% VAT for European customers without a VAT number.

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  1. Steve says:

    I paid for my membership and I logged in but your site won’t let me view the tutorials.

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