Comparison S3Media Stream & S3Media Stream Enterprise

Here you find a comparison table between the S3Media Stream and the S3Media Stream Enterprise packages.
Note: both packages work independently of each other and are not compatible since S3Media Stream Enterprise is rewritten from scratch, JW Player 6 & 7 also.


S3Media Stream


S3Media Stream Enterprise


JWplayer Ships with Version 5.10 commercial Ships with 6.12 or 7.0.1 (you can choose)
JWplayer license Lifetime license via 2-in-1 package or your own license Yearly renewal only required to unlock Pro/Premium features.
Media types 1.Streaming Video (MP4, FLV, AAC)
2.Video(download distribution, YouTube, other)
3.Streaming Audio (M4a)
4.Audio (download distribution, MP3, M4a)
5.SWF - elearning project
6.Download link via S3 bucket (protects any document type on AWS)
1.Streaming Video (MP4, FLV, AAC)
2.Video(download distribution, YouTube, other)
3.Streaming Audio (M4a)
4.Audio (download distribution, MP3, M4a)
5.Download link via web distribution(protects any document type on AWS)
Expiring URL Yes Yes
Encode URLs Yes Yes
Poster image For audio & video For audio & video
Autostart Yes Yes
Responsive video player No Yes
Video stetching Uniform/fill/exact fit/none Uniform/fill/exact fit/none
Controlbar top/bottom/over/none over/none
Repeat media Yes Yes
Enable/disable Full screen button Yes No, full screen cannot be prevented.
Playlist types .xml/.rss .rss, .smil, .m3u8
Subtitles/captions Single language
Not on mobile devices
Most mobile devices
Social sharing button No Version 6: Premium license only
Version 7: Yes
Custom Logo/Watermark Yes Version 6: only with Pro/premium license
Version 7: Yes (top-right position only)
Analytics No Advanced with Premium license
HTML5 Fallback S3 Bucket Web distribution
Custom context menu Yes Only with Pro/premium license
Skins 12 skins(shows not on mobile devices) Version 6: 9 skins with Pro/Premium
Version 7: 9 skins with Free/Premium
Title Not used Version 6: Displays in play button
Version 7: Displays top left
Start, Duration Yes No
Video area icons Yes No
Preview media In the wizards Preview post/page
Shortcode wizard In S3Media Stream menu In text editor post/page, also improved shortcode
Pricing & license rules $89 if you have a JWplayer 5.x license, otherwise buy the 2-in-1 license of $169 $89
A JW Player 6 or 7 license is not required, but the player will show a JWplayer watermark in version 6.
Future updates No new updates planned except WordPress updates. Tested with 3.9 - 4.4.2 New features will be added as JWplayer progresses. Tested with WordPress 4 - 4.1 to 4.4.2

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